Where to Go: The Point All Day Bar

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

One of my new “jobs” here at TheClassyIssueBlog is to keep out ahead of the pack; to be on the cutting edge with the must-visit spots of Cyprus, so to speak. I like to check out the newest that the island has to offer and , from now on, I will report back to y’all so that you can also be in the know.

Yeah, yeah you got it right. With this post, I am launching a brand new section category at The Classy Issue: Lifestyle/Where to Go.

I wanted to make my first-ever “Where to Go” post to be something special, an out-in-the-city (of Larnaca this time round) experience that would inspire a year’s worth of blogs, and I found that inspiration at all-day-bar The Point.


There are too many functional coffee shops in Larnaca; same chairs, same coffee, same need to get you in and out but The Point is like a secret little getaway in the underrated city of Larnaca. It’s a beautiful cosy and modern café/bar that knows what it is, and opens its doors everyday with a passion for great coffee, great brunch and great cocktails. Take a relaxing trip for a couple of hours to The Point.  It’s worth the trip to downtown Larnaca.

You don’t have to look as dapper as I do in this post’s photos to go to The Point but wherever you go, I know that you always want your style to be on point (see what I did there? A little bit of pun for fun…and a little bit of rhyming apparently.) Me, well, I like to look dapper in most occasions, it makes me feel confident and sophisticated and certainly not your run-of-the-mill type of guy. It’s either that or I ‘ve watched too much Mad Men.

Anyway, until my next “Where to Go” post, take my word and don’t wait for a good day to go to The Point because there’s no better day than tomorrow. Also, a word of advice: Don’t count out Larnaca as a winter destination.

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