Where to Go: Barrafino – Bar/Restaurant

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

Nicosia’s latest most talked-about dinner spot is definitely worthy of the hype. Remember all those amazingly stylish places you went to for food or drinks (or both) in New York or London and you thought “I wish there was a place like this in my city”?

Well, your wish came true. Just opened on the re-emerging Spyrou Kyprianou avenue in the center of Nicosia, Barrafino is already one of the most popular dining destinations of the city.

Trust me, with this one, you wouldn’t want to give fine dining a pass.


At Barrafino you will find formal service, elegant atmosphere and the best dishes in town along with the finest winery selection. If simply sipping cocktails is your goal, then the bartenders in Barrafino are like experts in the art of cocktail-making. Ask them to surprise you with a cocktail that suits your taste preference and I promise you their “poison” will blow your mind!



 Blazers – Asos 

Shirt + Bow tie + Girdle – KOUROSS

Shoes – Gucci via Matchesfashion 




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