Vintage vibes for brunch



ea House Theatre became one of my favorite spots in London, and it is almost impossible to visit and not daydream of other centuries, black and white characters and vintage vibes.

On one of the many moody afternoons of London town, I’ve met with Adrian, a young talented photographer whose work I’ve been following and admiring for years. Good coffee, good chat and a couple of clicks later, our lovely afternoon came to an end.

Besides Adrian, another diamond I’ve found in London, is this pair of jeans. And I bought it twice. Yes twice. Because good denim is hard to find. It’s from Topman and it is the perfect pair of vintage-looking denim that you basically need in your life. Wear that with any top or shirt and look effortlessly cool and vintage throughout the day. I’ve completed the look with my favorite Tommaso Menswear blazer in this season’s color; mint.



A touch of color in a moody afternoon can bring a ray of light to your mood and to your monochrome outfit. Pastel colors have been a massive trend this past summer, and touches of them are perfect during the transitioning period.

It’s been a long time till I’ve showed you an outfit like this and the truth is I really enjoy them. Yes, I am a man of suits, but nothing compares to good denim and simple shirt days.


Much Love,


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