Urban Cowboy

Photography by Harris Kyprianou

Collage by Vasilia Agathocleous

 You know, those moments of absolute irony when the same time you are looking for ways to spend less due to extra bills, loans or unemployment, a very special piece of garment suddenly appears in front of you like the forbidden apple in the garden of Eden and you know you should just say “NO” to evil and keep walking by but….Arghhh!!

In one of those ironic moments in life, my yellow leather jacket and I met. It was love at first sight! And who turns their back on love, right? Right?!?! I thought that maybe if I start budgeting differently in terms of food (time to lose those extra 4kg I gained during the holidays) and beverages (who needs all those Starbucks lattes), I could live my fashion love story with this H&M jacket and still be well on my way to a better financial future…(Aha…Like a boss!)



Trouser – Zara 

 Top + Cap – Asos 

 Jacket + Boots – H&M Studio 

 Sunglasses – Ray ban 


Feeling that my new object of affection -otherwise knows as my yellow leather jacket- and my smooth calfskin ankle boots are a match made in sartorial heaven and having in mind that many of the big menswear designers out there are once again taking inspiration from the Wild West, I decide to take on another style mission: Achieve Urban Western Look!

  • Enter the calfskin ankle boots, a smarter, more wearable take on cowboy boots…cause this cattleman has a city boy accent.
  • Knee-ripped black skinny jeans to make the Western theme style more urban and hipster-esque.
  • The rancher cool look is carried through to my green fedora – cause obviously a cowboy hat is not an option.

Captured this Western zeitgeist like a boss (blows gun barell). Sergio Leone would approve!

Also, it’s starting to kind of getting chilly in Cyprus now that October has finally sorted out its temperature swings so this jacket is definitely worth all that lattes deprivation! Plus, every style-savvy human being knows that leather jackets are great layering tools. I am so sticking by my decision!


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