t is a great honour to collaborate with big companies and I’ve been blessed to work with some of the bests. But it is a bigger blessing (and more fun!) to collaborate with your best friend for over 10 years now.

I’ve mentioned my collaboration with Stella Issa in previous blog post about The Studio, and as I promised, there we go with all the details. On the day of The Studio’s opening we first showed to the world, a collaboration between the two of us, that we have been working nonstop for months before the opening.

TOMMASO X Issa is a collaboration that consists of six different designs of limited edition t-shirts. The designs that are printed on white t-shirts are digital collages that depict some of the most iconic paintings and faces of the art scene combined with fashion details and mixed with colourful and fun elements that propose a unique outcome. The digital collages were made by Stella Issa (with the help of our Photoshop genius friend) and I’ve been on the production of the t-shirts which were not off the shelf, but tailor-made with carefully selected high quality cotton fabrics. Of course we both tangled in each other’s “duties” and we surely did everything together. Because why not? How often do you get to collaborate and run around like a maniac with your best friend?


Think about Mona Lisa smoking a cigarette taken by one of the most iconic photographs of Kate Moss. Or even Frida Kahlo with tattoos and the famous titties (aka female breasts). The girl with a pearl earring was combined with one of the quotes we live by; take your broken heart and make it into art. One thing is for sure. We have given all our creativity, effort, heart and soul into those t-shirts despite the many difficulties we experienced. (and believe me when I say this. There were a lot.)

It is a beautiful thing when work becomes fun, and despite the endless hours, the nerves and the troubles we faced, somehow we managed to still enjoy every minute of the production period. Yes we cried, yes we overslept at the studio and the graphic designer (couple of times), yes we fought, but we surely laughed with our hearts as well, and met new awesome people in the way, and learned so many things as well, and bonded all over again despite all the years we know each other.

Hold your breath because this is for sure only the start of TOMMASO X Issa. We recently discovered that creating is probably what we were meant to do, and we will never stop doing it. And that is a fucking fact.


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