TOMMASO Menswear Studio; a dream that came true


This is my first and only blog post that does not happen in real time. As many of you may already know, for about a year now, I have given life to my second child (the first one being The Classy Edition blog). My second child or elsewise Tommaso Menswear Studio has been a lifetime dream for as long as I can remember.


To take it from the start, from a very early age I have been passionate about fashion and as much as I loved and love shopping from brands (high and street), what really excited me and still does, was designing clothes. I have been doing these for years and for the last year, I share this passion with all of you out there.


To be honest, I love the procedure sometimes more than the finished result. I love the fact that I get to choose the fabrics; to touch them and feel them and then pick the ones that represent what I am aiming for, picking colour palettes and textures. I love finding people that are passionate about sewing a handmade suit and learning from them. It is all about the process of making a suit that gives meaning to the magic of seeing it come to life.

Tommaso Menswear Studio is all about the suits. Classic, fun, different, with twists or not, bold colours or sometimes pastels, monochrome or other times with prints.

FW 17

SS 18



t the moment, Tommaso Menswear Studio counts two collections,Terre a Terre Fall Winter Collection 2017 and Intrépide Spring Summer Collection 2018. You will be hearing all about the collections very soon on the Classy Edition blog so stay tuned.

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