Hi everyone,

This is not our usual Saturday meet up, because this Saturday, 7th of July was a different one. The Classy Edition (blog and me) got the day off because of the marriage of two very special people, and because of Living Color Festival.


s you may have already noticed, it was a crazy day that went like that:

Work meetings in the morning, then some pampering time. First outfit of the day and off to see the beautiful bride get ready. Then back home: outfit change from Mr. TCE to a festival kid and off to Living Color Arts & Music Festival. Drinks, music, photographs, friends, dancing (obvs). Then left super early when the place was getting crowded and before the madness that followed (and unfortunately I missed!). Straight back home, outfit change numerous two: a 1920’s gentleman and off to the most beautiful venue for the most extraordinary wedding. The rest was history. WHAT a night!

I hope you do excuse me for the change of content, but hey! There are still outfits for you to see, just in a different layout!

I hope you enjoy and I truly wish you all attend events like the ones I did yesterday, because yesterday? I made memories of a lifetime!


Much Love.


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