Keep and leave.

Leave people who criticize you, people who stab you at the back, people who don’t value your time, attention or relationship in any sort, people who don’t appreciate you, people that bring bad vibes in your life in anyway. Leave toxic people out of your life. You babes are way special to spend life with people who don’t deserve you.

Keep people who know you all the way, the real you-sometimes better than you know yourself, people that understand you, who listen and care about you, people that challenge you to be a better person, people that make you laugh and forget your problems – people who lightens your load. People who don’t judge you and whose influence helps you stop judging yourself, people that are happy about you on good times and strong for you on tough times.


People that are the light and therefore bring out the light.

That should be your kind of people.

I hope a friend, a sibling, a family member, a coworker, a lover came into your mind while reading the “keep” paragraph. The ones that came to your mind while on the leave section-well there is a reason they are there.

Happy Sunday.

Much Love,


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