Every year on my birthday, I try to sit down for a minute and hold an account of the year that passed. Where it started and where it lead, I try to count my losses and note my wins. Other people choose to do this on New Years. I like to do it on my birthday, because birthdays mark another year from the day we came to life. It gives me a chance to reflect on each year of my life journey. It’s the 1st of July, and apart from my birthday, I’ve looked back and realized what a remarkable month June has been, which lead me saying goodbye to the 23rd year of my life with my heart full of appreciation. I got to thinking about appreciation and here today, I’m writing all the things I should be appreciative for, but I sometimes forget. You see, life is not about big steps, important work promotions and life changing moves. Life is here and now and we should be appreciative of every tiny detail.


ppreciate the first rays of sunshine in the morning. Appreciate opening your eyes everyday. Appreciate the smell of coffee and a good breakfast. Appreciate every meal in that matter-some people don’t have it. Appreciate your health. And your loved ones health. Appreciate each season and what it has to offer. Appreciate the sunshine. Appreciate going home after work. Appreciate having a job. Appreciate people; all of them. Appreciate the people how treat you wrong and people who treat you right. Appreciate the beach and appreciate the rain. Appreciate strangers who smile on the street and smile back at them. Appreciate friends calling just to see if you are okay. Appreciate the fact that you can dance-what a privilege that is. Appreciate every laugh and every cry. Appreciate the rainbow. Appreciate the money you have and spend it wisely to serve you and not to serve them. Appreciate that you are in a position where you can help others. Do that. When you help others, appreciation will come easier. Say thank you. Appreciate animals and respect them. Appreciate the time spend with your pet. Appreciate giving without expecting anything in return. Appreciate the confusion-it’s part of developing. Appreciate every stage of life. Appreciate the stage of life you are currently living. Each stage of life is beautiful and only if you appreciate it you will get to experience and enjoy it. Appreciate your uniqueness. Appreciate family. Appreciate long tight hugs. Appreciate forehead kisses. Appreciate second chances. Appreciate friendship. Appreciate every single thing you own and every single person you have in your life. Appreciate travelling. Appreciate sunsets. Appreciate stars and full moons. Appreciate your diversity. Appreciate others so that you can appreciate you. Appreciate heartbreak so that you can appreciate love. Appreciate sickness so you can appreciate health. Appreciate wrong people so you can appreciate the right ones. Appreciate every little thing. Appreciate every single breath you take.

How on Earth did we get to the point where we are striving for direction and wanting more, so much, that it takes away our appreciation of today?

How do we devote ourselves to what we have, instead of what we want to have?

Simple – Appreciate fucking everything.



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