Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about fear and the consequences it has in our lives. Affected by all the talk about fear and fearlessness on the Intrépide blog (see here), I’ve realized what a vital role fear has in my life, personally. Fear is indeed one of the most motivating forces. You know you have to risk for something when you feel the fear burning inside you. Everything worth in life is a series of overcame fears, and that is basically how you know that something is worth it.

Are you afraid of failure? That’s insane. Think about it. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail? You will try again, and again and again. Are you afraid getting hurt? Why? You will never be able to appreciate love and care, if you haven’t been through heartbreaks. Are you afraid of death? Fear does not stop death, it stops life.

Fearlessness for me, doesn’t necessarily mean not having fears. It is not the absence of fear. It is all about having fears. A lot of them. And doubts. Many of them too.

Fearlessness is all about overcoming those fears. About moving on despite being hurt, despite fallings and heartbreaks; it’s about moving on despite being rejected or being afraid of failure. Simply moving and opening up to the possibilities that life has to offer if we step out of our comfort zone. There are endless possibilities after crossing the line of fear. Love, creativity, success, anything you want from this life, lies in the other side of fear. So simply go for it.

What does fear and fearlessness mean to you? How do you overcome your fears?

I would love to hear your thoughts on fear and fearlessness in the comment section below!

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