It is no secret that Rokoko Kitchen & Bar became one of the hottest spots in Nicosia, from the very beginning. It is also no secret that I spend all my cheat days there, without a doubt. (#Guiltyascharged)

There is something about the atmosphere of Rokoko that makes you chill and relax. The old school 90’s vibes with all the neon lights, the ping pong table and the wall art, bring a playful and energetic feeling to the equation.Undoubtedly, Rokoko is the king of pasta; either that’s with salmon, chicken, a huge variety of cheese, vegetables and anything your heart desires. What I love about Rokoko is that they take pizza making very serious.

They bring you original Italian pizza with the freshest (and yummiest) ingredients. For the gym buds, they offer healthy options with a twist. What’s the twist ? They are actually tasteful. Make sure you enjoy a cocktail from their amazing selection as well. You won’t regret it, i promise.

Now let’s get down to the point.
Calzone filled with nutella and mascarpone cheese or aka perfection that you can actually eat. It is hands down, in terms of pleasure, the closest thing to you know what.

Do your self a favor and try it, if you already haven’t.
At Rokoko Kitchen & Bar, they make casual eating out, an unforgettable experience so make sure you don’t miss it.



Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

19:00 – 01:00

Saturday – Sunday

12:30 – 15:30

19:30 – 01:00


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