All this fitness talk this week, drained me. I know you feel me. Any fitness and diet program, has one important element. Cheat Day. And any legit cheat day should include juicy burgers, fries and big buns.

If you are a burger fan like I am, I’m sure you didn’t miss the chance to visit the new addition of Larnaca’s burger FAM.

We believe in real tastes for real people. That’s why we get our fresh beef mince every morning from our own local butcher, we collect our greens from the local market, we make our own bread buns and we create tastes that you cannot find elsewhere. – Big Bun.


ig Bun is located in Larnaca’s old city, next to my favorite bar (that’s a serious advantage, I admit!). It is very casual, with wood furniture and fun color additions. It’s very cute and modern and it brings out a very energetic, positive and fun vibe.

But let’s talk about the food.

It’s dirty, it’s fresh, it’s homemade, its quick, it’s tasteful, it’s yummy, it’s perfectly cooked, it’s traditional with taste twists. It is everything you need from a burger, and more.


he menu is short with excellent choices. Straightforward which is perfect for people like me who enjoy quality over quantity. Classic American, Blue Cheese, Chilli, Dirty Egg, BBQ, Greek, Gipsy, Hot Chic and Local Chic burger – it is almost impossible not to find the taste and the option to satisfy your needs. Add French fries (the yummiest you ever tasted!) with bacon, cheese or egg and a cold soft drink or beer and you are good to go!

In addition, they have a very tasty vegetarian burger, they deliver, they have outdoor seating, they take out, it is good for kids, they have ice cream for dessert, they have the best staff, the kitchen is visible and always clean, they are quick and easy.


 What else could you possible want people? Come on.

Hungry much? Me too.

See ya, off for a big bun.




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