The truth to be told, if I had to suggest one place in Cyprus, it would be Old Market St. For various reasons. Allow me to give you a short description on Old Market and then mention my top three reasons that you should visit this place.

Old Market St. is located in the beautiful old city of Larnaca and the building used to be a library. It was beautifully restored but keeping all of the old building’s elements that brings out the vintage vibe of it. At Old Market St. they believe in the art of cocktails in and in my opinion there’s nobody who does it better than them.

Here’s the top three reasons that Old Market St. is my favorite cocktail bar and why you should not miss the chance to visit:

1. The cocktails, (obvs!): There are a lot of cocktail bars on the island, but Old Market St. cocktail menu is literally I literally can’t explain you how amazing Old Market’s cocktails are. They are one of those things that you have to try. And I can’t suggest you one, cause I’m on a mission of trying all of them.

2. The atmosphere: Old Market St. is open everyday except Mondays on winter season where they also host parties every Sunday. And while on weekdays you can chill, discuss, enjoy drinks and tasty food, kind of move around (kind of dancing-you know what I mean,) on Sundays (and I mean every Sunday that I’ve spend there during winter), you dance. And it’s the kind of dancing that you actually have fun doing it cause it feels like you are in a home party with all you friends and you dance like nobody is watching.

3. The people: Following numero two, what make Old Market St. special are the people. They are a big family, not by blood but by choice. Hey honestly make you feel at home from your very first visit, and believe me, you always return at home. From the owners, to the barmen and to every single person who works there, they are all –they are the best kind of human race-. A cool gang you can’t help but wanna be a part of.

Unless you live in a cave or something, I am sure you have heard of the best birthday party on the island, which is Old Market’s St. Street Party,

where hundreds of people gather to celebrate the bar’s successful year. (and have the best night of their lives really!) I am truly sorry for those who didn’t have the chance to experience at least one street party, and for those who have experienced it-friends you know what I am talking about. The absolutely-fucking-crazy-beautiful mess that creates memories of a lifetime.

For the summer season, Old Market St. hosts Summer Mondays and every week welcomes the best bars in Cyprus as guest bars and food vans to compliment the best cocktails ever. Tell me about the combination to a great summer night. Make sure you treat yourself to an unforgettable summer Monday at the street.

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