If you have seen yesterday’s blog, you have read all about my recent trip to Mykonos (and all the dirty details). During my trip to Mykonos, we’ve spent half day on Sunday at Scorpios. I’ve visited Scorpios in previous visits to the island, but this time it was different because we visited on a special sunset event, with a guest Dj.

Scorpios is exactly what it says on their website. And more. “A perfect place to gather under a shady canopy for long, leisurely meals that can stretch on into the night surrounded by a stunning sunset and live music.”

We visited Scorpios for late lunch and we had one of the most idyllic tables of the place; on the highest point of the restaurant. The menu started by saying –Nothing brings people together like good food- and we came real close with each other by ordering shared plates. A lot of them. There wasn’t one plate I contemplated about. Everything was stirring and sensational. Freshly made and the service was as if the place was empty; that quick even if it was packed.

Greeks finest cuisine with a twist, at it’s best, along with the best cocktails on the island. Honestly, they were the best we tried on the island!

With our bellies full, and a little tipsy, we took our cocktails and moved ourselves to the party area around 7 o’clock. Perfect timing for the perfect sunset. We chilled, danced and drank cocktails for a few hours in what I can only name one thing: Paradise.

So if you are in Mykonos, or you are thinking of travelling there, I highly recommend keeping an eye to the amazing events that are being held at Scorpios. If you are not in luck, you still get to experience an amazing day at one of the most beautiful venues of the island and if you are in luck, you will get to experience a little piece of heaven. Whatever the case, make sure you stay during sunset. You definitely won’t regret it!

Now you can thank me later.


Address: Paraga, Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece

Tel: +30 2289 029250



Facebook: @scorpiosmykonos

Instagram: @scorpiosmyk

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