The artist I’ve been obsessing this week, (or better the past months!) is a Pakistani artist, named Sara Shakeel, who after failing her dentist degree, she found her true calling into surreal digital collages.

Diamond french fries, Rihanna crying gold glitter, barbies with glittery stretch marks, Dua Lipa crying molten gold, flower joints and anything you can’t even imagine, the artist gets inspired by the pop culture and uses her creativity to create beautiful imagery to send a message about positivity, but at the same time she states that the process of making collages is a healing process for herself too.

Her collaboration with Missguided this year (♯Makeyourmark) is one to look at.

The artist transforms photos of stretch marks into beautiful, shiny artwork by highlighting them — not hiding them — with glitter.

In a recent Instagram post, Sara said making stretch marks into art has been so empowering, despite societal standards that tell her they aren’t something to be proud of. Catch up her interview with Missguided for some true inspiration, here: 

“Each picture heals a part of me, and I hope it heals a part of you too.” – Sara Shakeel

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