hiharu Shiota is an artist I’ve been following for years and years and when making a list of my favorite artists, she’s on the top of it. And believe me, that list is endless. During my high school years, where I’ve been obsessed with art, I’ve always been into abstraction and installation art and especially installation art that was telling a certain story, and was linking people, belongings and stories with a piece.

Either you are an art lover, or not, it is impossible not to admire the work of Chiharu Shiota and her mesmerizing installations.

Born in 1972, the Japanese installation artist studied at the Seika University in Kyoto and then left Japan for Berlin to study under Marina Abramovic whose influence is visible in some of her early works.

Shiota’s work is mainly per formative installations in which she weaves human-size webs from black, white or red thread, turning entire galleries into labyrinthine environments and sometimes enclosing personal objects or even herself. Through her vast, room-spanning webs of thread or hoses, the artist links abstract networks with concrete everyday objects such as keys, windows, dresses, shoes, suitcases and others.

The use of materials and per formative actions explores states of anxiety, oblivion and remembering. As said before, it is impossible not to respect, admire, get mesmerized and travel to your inside worlds, memories and fantasies when viewing and experiencing Shiota’s work.


Remember when I was telling you that art is supposed to make you feel something? Well, this is definitely the case.


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