CHNGE. Gender Neutral. Conscience. Sustainable production. Transparency. Philanthropy.

This Art Edition post, will be a different one. It is about a brand that I truly hope you’ve heard again, CHNGE. And the format of this post will be different because I truly want to make sure that I present to all of you out there everything about CHNGE. Because it is not just another clothing brand, it truly isn’t. It is so much more than that. Why?

Philanthropy. I can’t say that better than they do so there you go: “We live in world divided not only by borders but also by wealth: a world where less than 100 individuals control as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world combined, while 663 million people lack access to life’s most basic necessity; clean water. Greed is the cause of this divide and we at CHNGE plan to give as much as we make by donating 50% of our net profits to a number of carefully vetted NGOs.” If that’s not a reason, to watch out for CHNGE and support by buying, I truly don’t know what is.

Sustainability. At CHNGE they believe that any money in the world don’t really matter if by making these money, we pollute our home Earth. They support that “There’s no economy on a dead planet” and therefore they pledge to always use sustainable materials for all the products they create.

Transparency. The consumer of CHNGE can see how all of their products are being produced and that can only mean one thing. Ethical factories, good working conditions, proud of their production methods.

Fashion statements & coolness level from another world. I am mentioning this last, because I’m considering the other three points to be incredibly impressive and important. But the coolness and trendiness of CHNGE’s products? From another world. From their logo products, to quotes like “women don’t owe you shit”, “power to the people”, “feminism is for everybody”, “one race human” – the messages coming through are endless and vital.


“Ultimately it’s up to you, the consumer, to create the change our world so desperately needs. The people have the power. Without your support, unethical corporations would not exist. Every purchase is a vote, and it’s up to all of us as human beings to support businesses who give a shit. We may not solve all the world’s problems by selling T-Shirts but we hope to provide an outlet to the people who care. We challenge you to consume different and welcome you to our tribe.” CHNGE  


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