bunch of people. A bunch of artists. A bunch of creators. A bunch of humanitarians.

A bunch of scrawlers.

 “Born and raised in the UK this creative movement is all about Humanity. Artist Bunch focuses of society, humanity and liberty amongst the depths of time and energy on this Land. We Paint,We Create, We Scrawl Till the break of Dawn. 

Every piece is created with thought. We hope this Respect transcends onto your being with nothing but Love. ” –Bunch

I’ve been obsessed with Bunch of Scrawlers for quite a long time. I’ve met them through Instagram and their content on there is a breath of fresh air in my feed. Bunch of Scrawlers is basically an online store selling original canvas art, art tees and sweatshirts. But it’s not about that. Their art is a mixture of history, contemporary, fashion, art, quotes with one basic component. A meaning behind each and every one. And that what makes their art so important. But let me break it down for you.

At the moment, there are five sub categories on the Bunch of Scrawlers website. The Portraits collection is a collection of unique sweatshirts and t-shirts printed with original art of the Bunch. It includes well known people from past and contemporary history with a whole lot of twists. “These colorful pieces of love are there to make you laugh a little harder and swagger to the max a little more”.


he Illustrations collection is a set of sweatshirts and t-shirts created with “pure badass love” and it is pure awesomeness. The White Lies Collection is all about our society and the norms that make it up. The Made in History Collection is all about those people who marked with their lives and created history and finally the Homelands Collection was “created with lost souls of foreign lands in mind” and its truly a work of art that in my opinion belongs in contemporary museums.


f you are one of those people who love a good contemporary piece of artwork, you will love the Bunch. If you are one of those people who like to challenge the norms, then you will also love the Bunch. If you are some of those people who are creative, and fun and real, then you will most definitely love the Bunch. Cause the Bunch is what this world needs.

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