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regory Masouras in just one sentence is the artist and creator behind the project Animation in Reality and what he basically does is making fantasies into realities. And the result is simply amazing.

The Greek artist Gregory Masouras is a photographer and illustrator who started the project Animation in Reality in 2014. The idea came when the creator bought a new smartphone and while checking the new camera taking pictures over Athens came across a cloud that looked like Batman logo. “The moment I started editing that photo, the idea for my personal project #AnimationInReality was born in my mind!”

The Instagram project Animation in Reality is a replacement of modern and contemporary celebrities with the faces or body parts of everybody’s favorite childhood heros, mainly Disney characters.

 It is the perfect combination between fantasy and reality and the journey is extremely satisfying and pleasing to watch

Vogue and other international magazines covered Alladin, Minnie and Mickey, Pocahontas, Jasmine and others replacing the faces of famous celebrities from the Kardashians, to Angelina Jolie and every celebrity you can possibly imagine.

And just when you thought a Vogue cover couldn’t become more perfect, right?


hen the talented creator was asked how he choses the original photos and then the replacements he answered: “Sometimes I’m inspired by the character or general ‘aura’ of the celebrity, Sometimes by his or her style [if it’s one] that matches the cartoon. And then there are also the times that I focus on humor and spontaneity!”

Do yourself a favor and follow Gregory on Instagram, because his imagery during boring scrolling through Instagram, is the perfect surprise in your everyday life and personally- they bring a smile on my face literally every.single.time!




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