You all know my love for fashion (obvs). What you probably already know too is my intense love for arts, and my passion for interior design.

The artist i’ve chosen today has a tick in all of the above. He is a graphic artist. He is an interior designer. He has an amazing talent of combining classics with contemporary in the most intriguing ways. I’ve been following the art life path of the individual for a while now and I must admit that what I mostly love about him is his consistency with experimentation. While he is interested in a certain theme, he experiments with so many digital techniques, with endless concepts and ideas and he constantly produces new work. He’s restless and that’s a quality I very much admit.

But let’s take it from the start. Ege Islekel is a Turkish-born artist, based in Milan, where he strategically moved there because as he says, Milan combines history and contemporary life in an intriguing way that is very inspiring to him.


Just like his art. In previous interview, Islekel explains that being an interior designer means being up to date and original, but never ignoring history.

The artist brings back classical and ancient world in the modern contemporary world, by re appropriating classical artworks to contemporary themes. His series of excellently and very cleverly manipulated photographs, explore themes of war, consumerism and especially social media obsession. And the result is something else. Sometimes awkward to look, sometimes brings a smile on your face, sometimes discomforting or satirical or ironic.


hatever the case, the result is exceptional and lies between the collision of classics, popular culture and contemporary fine art.



ip: when you actually view the graphic work of Ege Islekel, don’t just look for the pretty picture and the contrasting combination. Look deeper for the artist’s perspective and point of view. There’s always a message coming out from the artworks. So don’t just scroll to the next one. Find the message, take it and think.

That’s what art is all about.


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