yle Dimarco. A model. In fact the first deaf model who won America’s next top model. Actor. Deaf. So much more than that. An outspoken activist. Homosexual. A human. A human being who lives at the intersection of his sexual fluidity and deafness.

Gay Times was established in 1984 and it is a magazine and an online website. It is a platform devoted to all of the queer voices from around the globe, and believe me when I say, these voices will not be silenced until they reach true equality. “Gay Times at it’s genesis was an act of defiance. A big middle finger to the establishment who would seek to oppress our community and segregate us even further underground”–Gay Times

For this month, July 2018, Nyle Dimarco and Gay times join forces for an amazing cover and an interesting talk. The reason I love Gay Times is because their covers are always artistic and creative but most importantly they feature people that have important stories to tell; stories that the world needs to hear.

In the cover shoot, Nyle stripes down naked and artist Cacho Falcon paints “I love you” in American Sign Language across his body using bold colors. What a simple concept and yet what a captivating and powerful way to influence an audience and make an impact. What a strong message of support they send out there to the queer deaf community. Dimarco is known for using his platform to educate and inform people of how inaccessible our world remains to hearing impaired people. His platforms are possibly the biggest regarding this issue and he never loses a chance to use them or his power and visibility to raise awareness of ASL and all the issues that queer deaf people face until now.


“There is a massive number of people, groups of people, who are not being heard or who are overlooked. Despite the power of social media, which could be a useful tool to educate people, we’ve become so divided and so afraid to open up, listen, and communicate. We need to start listening to each other. How can 466 million people with hearing loss join in on that conversation and find their ‘identity’ if they are denied access to what they’re saying? Often there are not interpreters at Pride events for Deaf LGBTQ people and allies. The best solution is to have Deaf and people with disabilities involved in organizing Pride events.”
Nyle Dimarco for Gay Times

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