Bumble bees, butterflies, lizards, dragonflies, snakes, roses, peonies., monogram letters. Ring a bell? Yes it does. GUCCI DIY.

GUCCI DIY was first launched in May 2016 with the brand’s popular Dionysus bag recognisable by it’s signature clasp, but customised with whimsical embroidered patches. The next round was showcased in the windows displays of Milan where you could customize the already iconic embroidered bags and create your own unique one. Mastering the act of customisation, during men’s fashion week in Milan 2016, the brand introduced the second phase of Gucci DIY service, offering customisable men’s tailoring, unisex jackets and shoes for both men and women. Symbols, including bees, daggered hearts and kingsnake could be embroired onto the sleeves of knits or shirts. Colorful printed silks, initials could be appliqued onto bombers, leather jackets and the Ace sneaker.

Creative director Alessandro Michele aka the man behind it ALL, is of course the creator of the Gucci DIY collections. The collections were inspired by Michele’s philosophy that the way you dress is how you feel and that men and women should feel authentic and free in the expression of themselves.

Championing the idea of self-expression, Alessando Michele strikes again with a collaboration between the Italian House together with 12 creatives, artists and talents who used mediums of painting, photography, digital drawings, collage and installations to customise the Ophidia tote and again the Ace sneaker.

I mean, OH MY F*****G GOD.

The twelve creatives and creators include Angelica Hicks, Ingasi Monreal, Soko, Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Phannapast, Adrian Kozakiewicz, William Ndatila, Trouble Andrew, Coco Capitan, Alex Merry and Amanda Charchian.

Many of the artists involved have worked with the brand before. Some have collaborated and mixed their techniques and mediums for the new campaign. All of them incredibly talented. All of them enormously creative and unique. Distinctive imagery by all of them. And the result? Breathtaking.

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