t is an extraordinary feeling when you come across art that makes you stop and stare, that makes you fall deeply into your thoughts; art that excites your imagination and art that simply makes you feel something. Whatever that “something is”; either negative or positive. It is a feeling you can’t explain with words; you must feel it in your soul and running through your whole body. It leaves you numb and breathless and it is one of the best feelings in the world. That’s what happened when I first came across the photography of Rob Woodcox. He is a fine art and fashion photographer, “striving to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads of reality, memory and dream.” Photography is my favorite art expression and I was always fascinated by all the possibilities and boundaries of the human body.

A single human body is powerful on it’s own, but imagine a number of bodies tangled together in a perfectly taken photograph. It’s bizzare.

What is also pretty bizarre is when artists use their talent, creativity, their effort and their time to raise awareness and to help people in need. In 2013, Woodcox used his photography to raise funds for foster kids to attend camp and to further knowledge of need in the foster care system. He also has a series of photographs called “Wear Your Pride” dedicated to all those murdered for being their true self. Follow all the extraordinary photographs and articles on them, on OUT Magazine here: 


I honestly feel grateful for coming across Rob Woodcox. He is truly an inspiration and one to look for in the future.



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