From the first time I saw Hard clothing,I was captivated. Since then, I have been obsessed with the creativity of the concept and amazed at the ability that some people have to translate issues like migration, ghettoization, nationality and identity into art. You have probably seen Hard t-shirts all over the internet.They are white t-shirts with English words and phrases printed in the Cyrillic alphabet on them. There is nothing new about a white t-shirt with lettering. What makes this product stand out, however, is not the fashion element involved – (which by the way is everything) – it is the message being communicated and the unforgiving directness with which the creators portray their visions, dreams and values.

The message is all about how love is genderless and without boundaries. It is about how there is no room for fear, ignorance, racism or sexism in this day and age; and it is about how we will not be silenced. It proves that as long as we have art and fashion, we will continue to fight against the bad “–isms” and turn that negativity into something valuable and meaningful.

“Trying to fight back ignorance and fear through fashion and pop culture is one of the main mechanisms we have in our hands to make a step forward. Be a story teller.” – Hard.clo






  1. Melanie says

    Love this

    1. theclassyedition_u233sb says

      Thanks Melanie!

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