The 90s are back!

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

It’s quite some time now that fashion’s ever-shifting cycles of self-reference has taken us back to a decade of many regrettable trends. Overalls with one strap down, the chunky Sketchers chrome domes, overly baggy jeans, middle parted bowl cut hairstyle. Ring any bells? Of course, we all had the bowl cut “back in the day” (and let’s hope it stays there where it belongs.)

There were some pretty hideous trends back in the 90s that have absolutely no business coming back to style. That said, the 90s has some pretty good things that lend themselves to the trends of today. Some examples? Well, where do you think my bomber jackets and high-waisted jeans addiction came from? Blame it on the 90s of course. Adidas brought Originals back in 2001 with a large scale advertising campaign and re-launched the trefoil logo which was originally used on all Adidas products until 1997. Then Adidas originals re-launched some Nineties-era sneaks like the Superstars and the Gazelles that are still selling like crazy around the world. Skateboarding apparel is mainstream cool again. Stussy is probably the top selling brand at Urban Outfitters and excuse me dude but have you seen the queue of cool skater boys and them style savvy Asians aka fashion fiends (They sure got street style on point) outside the Supreme store in Soho? (London that is.) And don’t get me started about the Palace tees that sell out faster than Adele tickets right now (again the Asians buy the best ones first.)

Also, there were some 90s trends like fanny packs and men’s crop tops that tried to make a comeback but didn’t really seem to catch up. Anyway, I’m sure you got the point. But how did this happen? Why then, again now? Well, if you consider that 80s did 50s redux, then mathematically speaking it was about time that fashion would reminiscent the glorious decade that gave us Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Marky Mark (Wahlberg, duh?) all hunky and beefy in white Calvins giving good vibrations (pun intended) to every teenage girl and sexually confused boy back then.




Jean – Topman 

 Leather  Jacket – Vintage

Shoes – Vans via Asos & Gucci via Mr Porter

Sunglasses – Sunday Somewhere & Smoke X Mirrors exclusively via Fusion Retail Concept  


Born in 1994, I spent my 90s with no worries about fashion or style but I have a lot of love and appreciation for the decade in which I was born. I think Garbage is one of the coolest bands ever (Shirley Manson is a rock goddess), I think Friends reruns marathons is the best thing on TV on a Saturday afternoon and I consider my Nineties era issues of Details, i-D and Dazed, amongst the most valuable items in my library. Praise be, the nineties are back!


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