That lake is now my heart so dear

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

”When he pushed me, for the second time, down the dock.
Nearly naked and barley sober in the night.” 
Anna Byrmo

 That lake is now my heart so dear

In a market saturated with heavily embellished clothing, Zoe Sophocleous realizes that less is more and keeps things stylishly simple to truly stand out as an authentic minimalist. Black and white dominate Zoe’s color pallet which further bolster the timeless and sophisticated look of her designs -underpinned by her clothing’s razor-sharp tailoring.

As I swam I told him
“I feel euphoric!”

“You’re so deep..” he laughed
and swam away.


 Z|S by Zoe Sophocleous 

Slides – Zara 

 Sunglasses – Kaleos + Emilio Pucci 


For her AW17 collection, the designer draws heavily upon the natural world to drive her creativity. For Zoe, nature provides her the ability to slow down and focus on the details around her. It is in these moments of natural serenity that Zoe is able to conceive and design her sartorial pieces of art — mixed luxury fabrics with an absolute fit to create minimalistic clothing with architecture character. She says “Time spent in nature is time spent realizing and absorbing the beauty of creation. I cannot help but marvel on the intricate design and delicate coloring that nature has drawn on a leaf’s surface”.

The distinctively clean, architectural aesthetic of Zoe’s faultlessly cut ready-to-wear pieces may seem like out of place in nature’s intricate patterns and exuberant colors but it’s this juxtaposition that channels the undeniable link between her designs and the nature that inspired them. Credits go to my visionary photographer who always sees what the common eye is unable to and decided to resort to pure raw nature for this photo-shoot –one of the best I have ever done. Thank you, once again Mr. Kyprianou. 

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