Straight, white and high-waisted

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

The other day, I took a journey back in fashion-time with my very own sartorial time capsule aka my grandfather’s wardrobe where I unearthed a real sartorial gem: a pair of tailored suit pants from the 1940s. I saw it hanging there old, alone and sad amongst grey and brown herringbone suits and it struck a chord. I guess I am a retro fan at heart!

Although the old-school personal style informs most of the menswear that’s out there today, the fashion archetype has shifted and the menswear industry has moved away from getting men to carry a total dressed-up look. Now the industry is suggesting to loosen things up.


Trouser + Belt – Vintage

Blazer – Nair Xavier 

Shoes – Alexander Mcqueen 

Fedora Hat + Sweater – Asos 

 Sunglasses – Rayban

Straight, white and high-waisted (exactly how I like my vintage pants) it pleaded with me to restore it back to life. I had a vision and my tailor had a mission: make these 40s suit pants something I can swagger down the streets in (a good tailor will help you through this if they have an eye for fashion. Or fit.) Nothing much, just a little makeover and mission accomplished!



So I tucked in a grey sweater (the white-grey combo is always a winner) and put on my Alexander Mcqueen snake skin sneakers to make it both more modern and more casual.

Introducing vintage items into modern ensembles –or the other way around- can be great, and it can be meh…so be careful lest in your attempt to make it more “you”, you actually make it more like “yuck”.

Investing in great basics will always pay you back but always remember that menswear is all about the details and well-appointed accessories. Enter the new Ray ban hexagonal “Silver Flash” flat lensed sunglasses and my new headgear fetish, the blue fedora!

…and voila! The new kind of guy menswear brands are crushing on, this season’s male muse: A man who is both dressy and sporty, both classic and hip, a man who is serious but also likes to have fun. 

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