Stay Cool.



he heat wave is here for good, and for those of you who are stuck in the city, I feel you. It’s August people. Don’t stress. Stay cool. Literally and metaphorically.



horts, shorts, short. Wear them with literally anything and be comfortable and stylish all day long. Switch your tee into a shirt and you’re ready to hit the night too.

Protect yourself from the burning sun with hats and sunglasses. (probably your hangover face too) – No judging.

And there you have it. Literally all you need to bare those hot days of August, if of course laying at a beach with cocktails isn’t an option. If it is, then choose the swimwear and sip that cocktail.

More over here’s three tips to survive days in the heat wave, if escaping to a deserted island in Bahamas isn’t an option.

  1. AC is your friend. Basically your best friend forever. Stay cool in that AC and avoid any activity of you including being outside. If you absolutely have to, then run as fast as you can to finish and go back to your bff.
  2. Sure some of us still work in August. If you work for yourself, make sure you give yourself a break every now and then and escape to the beach. If you work for somebody else, please remember that your boss is probably vacationing on an island, so make yourself a favor and relax a little and use those weekends to actually enjoy yourself to the max or relax yourself to the max.
  3. Stay hydrated. Skip those coffees and replace them with juices, smoothies, tons of water, iced teas, cocktails etc.

Keep it Cool people!


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