Screw New Year’s resolutions

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou


Padded jacket – Adidas

 Vest – Moncler via Timinis Cyprus

Jean – Topman Cyprus

 Roll Neck Jumper- Asos   

Sneakers – Gucci 

Sunglasses – Kaleos 



Screw New Year’s resolutions. Almost two weeks into 2017 and I am crushing my new year’s resolutions. I’m tired of feeling bad at not living up to my big “resolutions”. They (or I) have failed me epically before, so this year instead of making “resolutions” I decided to create habits. From small daily habits like flossing to longer term goals like achieve #dreambody, this is the year that my commitment is not going to taper off.

I am going to exercise more and eat better, cleaner and leaner actually, save more – a lot more – money, use moisturiser daily, get a new cool haircut (check!), be more dapper, stop procrastinate, be more organized, meet new people, spend more time with the people that matter, travel more and see the world, volunteer and give more to charity, stop being late all the time, learn more about art, music and culture, have more and better sex, find a significant other… Jeez I am tired already and all I ‘ve done is get a new haircut. How do you like it btw? Well, I like it and with my new cool haircut being checked off as my new year’s first milestone, I am telling you that fresh, new and exciting things are coming up so stay tuned.

Oh, also this year, everyone should give a fuck.

We really should. But only about things that set our soul on fire. Save your fucks for magical shit.

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