Mykonos Diary – The Summer Edition



f you follow me on social media, you already know that two days after returning from Milan, I’ve travelled to Mykonos in Greece. Mykonos is a fave and I’m visiting at least once a year for the past years. But this trip was quite different than the others. I’ve been to Mykonos for weddings, for relaxation, for holidays and for various reasons, but this time it ended up to just one thing: PARTAY.

I’m not known for ecstatic partying to be honest, and I’m no party animal, but this time was an exception. But first, let me introduce you to the gang. Stella Issa; my crime in literally everything. Taurus and super crazy. Harrys Kyprianou;  my photographer. Taurus and funniest guy on Earth. They are both the kind of people that even when you say “Let’s jump down from a mountain”, they’ll say “Let’s do it!”

(Thank God we didn’t!)

We arrived in Mykonos with Stella on Thurshday 21st, both with huge luggages that we could live in the island for a month. Yes we surely do not travel light. We quickly checked in, rented our Mycocchio aka our cabrio Fiat 500, changed outfits and went to Mykonos town. We walked in the beautiful streets of Mykonos and we very quickly found ourselves eating souvlaki. Yes, there is no other kebab in the world like in Greece.  Couple of hours later, we were dancing on tables under the magical sunrise of Mykonos.

The next day, the king of Mykonos aka Harrys landed in the island and joined us at Nammos where we were sipping coffees (okay cocktails- hashtag not sorry) under the sun, trying to fight the hangover. It didn’t work by the way. If there is a Queen of Mykonos that must be Priscilla and so some cocktails and pictures later, we left Nammos for Jackie O’ Beach, where we swam and had early dinner under the sunset. The food was as amazing as expected and with our bellies full, we were ready for some more cocktails. We took it to the bar and we drank, danced under the tunes of an awesome DJ of whom I wish I knew to give credits to. Priscilla’s two shows were perfect as always, and in addition she was performing in front of the sunset which added to the perfection. Few hours later we returned to the hotel to get some rest, and the rest is quite anticipated. We partied until the first sunrise.


Saturday found us with a hangover (please don’t count how many times I’ll say hangover) in just one blog post. We went to Elia Beach after midday where we sunbathed, took walks on the beach, swam etc. Idyllic setting yes? We actually slept during most of the time, the rest we were complaining about how we are all going to die from the hangover. (Yes I said it again) . When we ran out of Google solutions to beat the hangover, we decided to leave Elia Beach, after we crashed inside a christening happening there, for some moves on the dance floor. Congratulations on your baby by the way. The party was amazing. We went to Alemagou for lunch. or dinner? Who cares anyway? It was during the sunset which accompanied by the most tasteful food and chilled atmosphere, placed Alemagou in my top 5 places in Mykonos.  And like food wasn’t enough, we made a pit stop at one of my favourite places for ice cream on the way to the hotel. Hashtag GuiltyasCharged. SO WORTH IT. The rest of the day went like this “It’s Saturday and it won’t be long ’til I hit the dance floor,hit the dance floor..” If Sia wrote the song about Mykonos, she should have mentioned hitting the dance floor until the sun is out. But nobody parties like the Greeks if you ask me.

As much as we wanted to go to the beach on Sunday, our ears decided not to follow the alarms that went on persistently. We woke up after midday and played around in our room discussing last night’s favourites and drinking coffees. (For real this time.) At about 5 o’clock we went to Scorpios where we had late lunch which was by far my favourite meal of the trip. Every plate that came was better than the one before. And the table was at the most idyllic setting. O-M-G. I highly recommend having a meal there if you are visiting Mykonos. Read more about it on Friday’s post on the Location Edition. After lunch, we took our cocktails and moved down to the afternoon sunset party area. The party had everything. Beautiful people, sunset, drinks, dancing of course, and very chilled vibes. We took the best photographs of the trip there. Oh the perks of travelling with your favourite photographer! Sunday was our last day on the island, so after sunset we left Scorpios to go downtown and stroll around a bit before the storm of the night.




n Monday I had my birthday, so we had another reason to celebrate that night. Some shopping and some crepes later, we went to the hotel to get ready for the night ahead. The rest is history. That night exceeded any expectations with one highlight. NYLE DIMARCO. Not only we met Nyle Dimarco, but he and his team spend the night with us, like with us. Dancing and drinking with us. On tables. I know you are thinking I am still drunk, but I have enough videos and pictures for proof. I also needed those to believe it the next day. Best night of my life and best birthday present of my life. Legit.

What a perfect ending to the most perfect trip.

Thank you dear fellow travellers for being that crazy. Sleepy, hangover (there we go again) and depressed, we sat in the airplane on the way home and Stella goes to me:

“We are doing this again right?” and I answer HELL YES!

I wouldn’t change a single thing of this trip.



Mykonos, later babes.

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