My favourite Versace-inspired look


“Fuck all your feelings, ‘cause business is business, it’s strictly financial
I’m always the first one to get it, man, that’s how you lead by example
Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace”


lack and gold is the perfect match to red and therefore this Versace inspired look is the perfect match to London town with the red phone booths and mailboxes.

If I ever had to choose my favorite designers, Versace will definitely be in that list. On the top of that list. Donatella once said “In mythology, the Medusa can petrify people with a look-which is a good thing, I think. But the Medusa is a unique symbol-something strong. It’s about going all the way.”

You can never go wrong with a one print full outfit and this one is a show stopper. It’s dynamic showing strength and brings a whole -I can rule the world in shorts and shirt- vibe. Easygoing and yet impossible to miss. Style it with any shoe really; anything will do. Either an extravagant shoe for a full head-to-toe catwalk outfit or a simple shoe that won’t take away the harmony of the co-ordination. I completed the look with Medusa on my face, wearing my favorite mask style Versace sunglasses.

Lensed by Alexis Andreou


ast but not least, you won’t have to steal a bank to afford this outfit, because gentlemen, it is from Zara. I’m a big fan of Zara because they have the most stylish options for every season in affordable price range. And for a Versace dupe, the quality is perfect.


You can thank me later!

Much Love,


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