Mid-October style guide: How to survive the bipolar weather

Photography by Harris Kyprianou

Collage by Vasilia Agathocleous

Shifting constantly from chilly to heated-up and from heated-up back to chilly, this island’s October weather has serious issues with temperature swings. What is the appropriate outfit for this (bipolar) weather? Ask me in the winter if 20 degrees (Celsius that is) is appropriate shorts weather and I’ll stare blankly. Ask me in October if 22 degrees require wearing a light jacket and I won’t be able to give you a confident answer. #firstworldproblems 

No, this is not some kind of a newfangled weird weather report. This is about my relationship with style being on a got-to-know basis. Cause October, dude, I’ ve got to know in advance how my day will go, style wise, so control your moods.



 Trouser + Belt – Vintage

Top + Cap – Asos 

Shoes – Alexander Mcqueen 

 Sunglasses – Kaleos 


As October weather in Cyprus keeps changing its temperature all day, it got me thinking: Is menswear dress codes – like October temperatures- constantly changing and shifting? From formal to casual, from suited-up to sportswear. While suiting-from brands like Tom Ford continue to track exceptionally well, Nike remains the best selling men’s clothing brand, according to a 2016 report by Euromonitor. Menswear’s putting-on-a-uniform-of-a-suit dress code shifted as streetwear gained traction with the leading brands in the industry. The shift intersected with the cultural influence of men’s fashion blogging. The game has changed and a new era has dawned! Tom Ford’s wool trousers and Nike’s white sneakers never looked so good together!

How did I ever end up correlating weather and men’s style is something I don’t even know. It’s probably one of those things that totally make sense in your mind but when you actually express them out loud or in writing they come out irrational and of no logical sense.

Anyway… One more trend-mission for me: Deconstruct the dapper 1950s wardrobe influenced style (Yes, I ‘ve been watching Mad Men lately. #TeamDraper).

And off I go in my vintage white-striped worsted trousers paired with my Alexander McQueen sneakers, feeling like I conquered the trend.

And from October’s shifting temperatures and menswear’s shifting dress codes to another type of shifting: The one between light and shade as only my talented photographer can see and capture. While the common eye can distinguish only two shades of light: light and shade, a good photographer sees so much more. So clap clap for Mr. Kyprianou for truly being a master in the art of photography!

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