Living the KUL■T Dream


KULT Boutique, with five distinct stores in Cyprus and an extraordinary online shop that ships worldwide, is the country’s sole importer and distributor of the world’s most renowned luxury fashion brands, retailing unique labels. As you already know from the non-stop spamming, literally everywhere on social media, I have been to Milan’s Men Fashion Week last weekend. What you don’t know is that I have been blessed (one more time!) to work with best. KULT Boutique has been a vital part of this trip, since they have been generous enough to give me the opportunity to represent them as an ambassador in the E T R O Men’s Show Presentation Spring/Summer 2019.


he presentation was by far my favourite of MFW. It was breathtaking. It had left me standing in awe. The color palette looked like a painter chose every tone of nature and earth and painted them exactly the same on fabrics. On fabrics collected from nature; a maze of vegetation and exotic plants such as flax, bamboo and organic cotton. The silhouettes were soft and fluid, with generous volumes and imperfect finishes.

Raw, rough and wild. Just like nature. Calm, soft and tranquil. Just like nature. The manifesto was clearly standing there in front of everybody: responsible and engaged fashion.

“Very fluid, very comfortable, very roundish, and if you go through it the art and craft is amazing, everything is unprecise so it’s rough stuff, raw materials a raw outlook, imperfection, scars, us. We are like that.” – E T R O

It’s not everyday that you come across something that touches you in this way. I was left breathless so thank you Kult Boutique for giving me this opportunity. For some unexplainable reason I felt very proud for wearing full E T R O on that day. It felt as if I was a part of something very important. I’m not saying that luxury brands and fashion is not important, I’m just saying that it felt as if it was more than that.

That’s what KULT Boutique is all about as well. They believe that buying the highest quality goods is not just about fashion but about lifestyle, uniqueness and individuality.



he next day of MFW, I wore the second outfit by KULT Boutique, for the Armani
show at Via Bergognone.

And from the bohemian, slash, japan inspired look, I became a part of the “gucci gang”. (ridiculously singing gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang to myself). See that’s the thing I love about fashion. Not only it allows you to be anything you want or anything you feel like but it has the power to make you feel
something as well. And that is priceless.

Thank you again KULT Boutique for trusting me. You are truly inspiring and generous and I look forward to our future collaborations.

I am forever grateful.

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