#LFW Women’s S/S18

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Fashion Week. It is that time of the year again, and this year it was my turn to own it at London’s Women Fashion Week 2017! I’ve done all four days, multiple shows and presentations, and lived it to the fullest. And when I say to the fullest, I mean the entire running up and down (and late!), the shoots, the flashes, the Instagram stories, the posing, and the change of clothes in Ubers or taxis or toilets. Yes in toilets. (Guilty as charged!

Day One

So let’s get it started. First day of Women’s Fashion Week and first show was Fyodor Golan Spring Summer 2018 Women’s wear at the 180 The Strand and OMG. The design duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman did it again.

Hooded tracksuits, sequins, colors, funky designs, different textures, and laminates. The atmosphere was perfect with a touch of childless that brought back memories! On the first day, I have chosen to start powerful and wore my favorite piece from my new and first collection (more about this later).

Ok a lot more of this later! #Sorrynotsorry

The first day ended early and I had the chance to roam around Oxford Street for some shopping and then it was time for early drinking!

Lensed by Antoine Ape.

Lensed by Antoine Ape.

Day Two

Second show of this Fashion Week was Katie Ann McGuigan Spring/Summer 2018. The young designer offering high-end ready to wear womenswear was literally goals. The print designs she uses alongside the modern and graphic silhouettes were something to ready look at. I’m pretty sure she is somebody to follow so that you won’t miss what is coming!

It was already the second day but I was feeling a bit tired (already) and okay maybe a little hangover as well, so I chose comfy but always fashionable.

Day Three

It was the day I was waiting for. I couldn’t wait and it was one of those moments where the show met my expectations. It was Topshop Unique and my excitement was real so I was at 51 Charing Cross Road one hour early. There’s always a first time for everything! The collection was, according to the show notes, inspired by Soho’s heady ’90s nightlife scene and it is everything you would expect from that and more!

Lensed by Maria Antoniou

Day Four

Last day of LFW and the busiest one but it was so worth it!

At 15:30 I arrived at the National Portrait Gallery for the presentation of Taka Naka.  The identical twins, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze presentation gave me life.

 Their tropical fun collection is all about expressing the inner self through colorful tartan dresses, patterned skirts, a mixture of prints and layers, tropical flowers, bold colors. It felt as if it was a presentation of so many cultures, of so many people and of so many identities!


Then , like a maniac, I ran into a bar close by to change outfit and then got a taxi to 180 The Strand for the On|Off SS18 Collection. It was the perfect ending to this fashion week. The upcoming designers Jack Irving, Luke Anthony Rooney and CAPLANENTTWISLE that showed were awesome. I’d say to definitely keep an eye on them. So much emerging talent and the creativity was on a different level. I was so happy to finish this fashion week with On|Off and on front row. (Yes I brag a little)

Thank you London Fashion 2017 for the memories.

See you next year!

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