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kay I know. It’s a little too late and a little too hot to talk gym in the middle of summer. If you follow me on social media though, you know that for a while now I have stuck into a very good exercise program, to a new place – which by the way I love. I’m not a gym freak and I’m not going to tell you that I enjoy exercising more than anything else in this world, but for the first time I feel like I actually enjoy my time spend there and the best part? I see results. So I thought I would share with you some of the exercises I do on my daIly exercise routine.

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou


irst of all, the place I’m talking about is not a regular gym centre but an Exercise and Rehabilitation Workout Center. I visit five times a week, at my most convenient times. Three times per week for an exercise program and twice a week for cardio. The exercise program that each one is following is created by qualified trainers, based on your personal needs and targets. Each time the exercise program is different and targets different areas of the body, and just because it is impossible to show you all the different sessions, I’ve gathered some of my favorite exercises that target different body parts.

 Forward lunges using water bags   


Jump Squats on VertiMax Raptor

Push – ups using TRX Suspension   

 Front Squats with Press

Sprint on Matrix A-Drive  

 Dead Lifts Press – ups using Dumbbells


Dead Lift

Core rotation using Wall Ball       

      Abs using medicine ball

     Russian Twists


m not a trainer, and these exercises are not for everyone. They are just a sample of my workouts which works for me and my body. So if you are thinking about starting a good workout plan, make sure you choose the one that works the best for your body type and your needs and always (always!) make sure that you have a qualified trainer by your side. I can’t highlight that enough. A good trainer is half of the work, but follow up because on Thursday I will be talking about my gym and fitness journey.

Until then,

Stay hydrated and get working on that body. After all, it is the only place you have to live in forever.

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