ello beautiful people out there. That’s not a regular blog post, but kind of a life update or an announcement if you would like.

It’s the 7th of August and at the moment I’m sat on my bed, in between a pile of clothing, sketchbooks, papers, luggages pens and markers. I’m sure when you started reading it sounded like a holiday prep, but it’s not. I am travelling tomorrow, but it’s not for leisure. (Kind of)

Confused yet?

Tutu tu tuu. (Drum roll sound) So, tomorrow I’m heading to one of my favorite destinations: London. For three weeks. Yes, three weeks. I am attending a course at Central Saint Martins and I couldn’t be more excited. The course is an Introduction to Fashion Design and I can’t wait to get into it. The experience, the theoretical and practical knowledge, the people, the tutors. I believe it will be an awesome experience.


lus, I get to spend three weeks in one of my favorite capitals and I plan to spend it to the fullest. I will create content, eat and drink, do touristy things, find inspiration, relax, and in general, enjoy myself to the max while doing one of the things I love the most: fashion design.

Watch this space as exciting collaborations will happen in London, and one last thing: Please bare with me as I will try and update the blog everyday but this will not always be possible. A blogger gotta do what he has to do.

Any suggestions about London, places I should visit, restaurants, bars etc. are more than welcome!


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