Intrépide SS18


Intrépide: french for fearless or dauntless. This adjective comes from the Latin word intrepidus. The prefix in- means “not” and trepidus, “alarmed.” The word is synonymous with fearless, courageous, dauntless, or valiant, but the word intrepid suggests a lack of fear in dealing with something new or unknown.

After months of hard work and dedication, Intrépide SS18 Collection by Tommaso Menswear Studio transformed from a dream to a reality. The name of the collection was chosen after a series of events and experiences that influenced me in unexpected ways. The new collection is called Intrépide, not because I am without fears or worries, but because I choose to fight against my fears and worries. At the end of the day, meaning doesn’t come from remaining in comfort zones and flowers don’t bloom in a life of fear. So, I faced my fear, went for it anyway, and my collection came to life.

Intrépide is the second collection by Tommaso, and despite the production period being as chaotic as the first one, this time I was a lot more confident and organised. I’ve written previously about how I love the production period and about how significant it is for the final result. This time, the result went above and beyond. You know one of those times when reality is better than everything you ever imagined. Intrépide is exactly that. It is everything I have ever dreamed and wished for.

Intrépide is a collection of spring and summer dreams. It is based on the most beautiful pastel palette (see more here) with some special fabric suits that will make every man stand out from the crowd. The campaign for Intrépide has by far exceeded every expectation I ever had. An exceptional model and human (name of model), an abandoned house to add mystery to the story, a phenomenal photographer, and an extraordinary videographer came together perfectly. I truly believe in a good team. I believe that you can go far alone go, but with the right people beside you, you can reach the sky.

This is an ideal opportunity to introduce to you my amazing, crazy talented, incredibly creative and unique team of people.

Harris Kyprianou. What is there to say about this guy that people don’t already know? He’s one of a kind, and an inspiration both as a photographer and as a human. His extraordinary talent, his out-of-this-world photography skills and his truly inspiring vision are what make him stand out. He truly is unique. What people might not know about him, is that he’s the most funny, easy-going and kind human being I’ve ever met.

Raconteur (n.) a talented storyteller Mark Kassinos. It is with no doubt that he is one of the most talented people in Cyprus. He is the definition of the word raconteur. He was created to create. He was created to tell stories. And that’s what he does. He films moments. He creates stories. Thank you for being a raconteur. The world needs more of this.

I am forever grateful that I not only call you collaborators, I can call you friends as well. I am beyond thankful that I have people with vision, passion and creativity like you two in my life. Thank you.



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