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nfluence is such a big word for me. I’ve always aspired to express myself through creativity and fashion, but I’ve never thought that I could actually have an influence on other people. To inspire others yes, but to have the ability to influence a group of people, it is so big and kind of surreal. I’ve started blogging after years of thinking about it and my main focus was to create content that was meaningful to me, to show stuff that I like, to style things up, to experiment and create – and that became The Classy Edition Blog. My need not only to create content, but also to create things that I wanted and couldn’t find in the market, concluded to my brand TOMMASO. And the two of them together, gave me the chance to actually be able to influence other people – with my clothes, with my aesthetic, my attitude and my style.



You know what is more priceless? Being nominated in two categories for the first ever Influencer Awards by and Cal Creative Communication. The awards aim to present, showcase, highlight and promote top personalities in nine categories, which through their work and everyday life inspire the audience.



I’m delirious to to announce that I am nominated in the categories Upcoming Fashion Designer and in the category Fashion Icon Man, in between other amazing creators, bloggers, designers, influencers, people of the arts, of beauty, of fashion and media. Incredibly talented and incredibly hard-working. I am very proud to be a part of this, so please go vote for your favorite ones in each category.




It doesn’t have to be me, but please go check it out and support this huge production that is happening for the first time in Cyprus. It is a simple vote, for the people that influence you in your every day life. Believe me making interesting constant content does not come easy. – Even if we do make it seem easy most of the times.

You can vote here:

You can follow up all the updates and information on the event here:

Thank you and Cal Creative Communication – You are both way ahead of the game!

Go Vote. Love you all. X

Much Love,



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