How To Be Dapper | The Art of Being a Gentleman

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou


 Outfits – Kouross

Scarf –  Zara Cyprus

Sunglasses – Finlay & Co. London

 exclusively via Fusion Retail Concept 

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We ‘ve come a long way since the 1960s but as far as menswear goes, not much have changed. The suits we wear, the shoes we wear, the hair we wear. It’s like fashion keeps self-referencing and yelling “Classic never dies! Classic never dies!” I blame it on Mad Men. I think that the overspread popularity of the show has redefined the value of a great suit, the art of being a gentleman and what it means to be dapper.


What it means to be dapper? It’s to look neat, trim and smart in dress and appearance. To be well dressed and well groomed, elegant, chic and stylish. The dapper look goes beyond formal or business attire. If you want to be dapper you must push the idea of casual dress code further than just jeans and a t-shirt. You have to understand the power of a fine-tailored suit and invest in one (or two, or three, or more.) You should have a sharp haircut and well-groomed facial hair. (Just walk into a good barbershop and ask for the Don Draper. Trust me, they’ll know exactly what you’re asking for: short on the sides, long on top and slicked back.) Another very important rule (perhaps the number one rule) you need to follow in order to achieve the dapper look is to never neglect your footwear. You might not be as shoe-obsessed as I am but keep in mind that quality footwear that fits well is a worthy investment. From wingtip brogues to crepe sole chukkas, in order to master the art of gentlemancy you need to walk the walk in a good pair of men’s dress shoes.

Looking modern and dapper is a unique style that only few men can rock! The question is: How much of a gentleman are you?

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