How I film my content videos.



’ve been obsessed and very passionate with videography for the past months, and if you follow me you would have already seen all the videos we created with one of my favourite collaborators and the best videographer. Hashtag bible. He’s the best.

Khalil Gibran once said “It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling” and if you think about it, it kind of true. Every single person chooses a certain way to write a story of which later he or she will call a life. My way is through blogging and creating content. I love photography but I’ve been cheating it with videography lately. Not sorry. Through our stories, we meet other people with different journeys and stories and with them we cross our stories for a while to create stuff and share our stories.


espite creating videos for my two campaigns for my collections, I love creating videos of the process of photo-shoots, backstage videos and content videos for social media platforms and blog content of course. In fact, there is one coming to you very soon so watch this space.

Because of that I thought I’d share with you some backstage of the filming of that video and give you a little information on how the process of filming a video works. Because yes. The result is the dream, but there is a lot of planning and work behind it. And it goes like that.

If there’s not a certain purpose for a video, then it starts from a simple idea or in other words the need to create something or even tell a story. I call my collaborator, which usually for this kind of videos is Mark Kassinos, and we arrange a meet up. The meet up is usually somewhere casual over drinks or coffee-we don’t see this as work and I think that’s why we make awesome videos. Yes, I brag a little. Over that meet up, we discuss ideas, we tell stories, we discuss theory and visual, we write down keywords and hours later we come up with a storyline. A storyline, which is flexible as the sea as it is constantly changing and evolving.

That’s the fun part. The production of a video has other elements to it as well. Equipment, money, location, filming hours (apparently the sun is a key element to videography); practical stuff basically. Once all of the above is set, we are ready to go.

The process of actually filming the video, sometimes takes minutes because everything goes so perfect that we get the shots at a glimpse, and other times it can take hours and hours. Either way, it is actually a very inspirational process to watch people who share similar visions as you, people who want to share some stories with you, people who want to tell stories with you.


Every time we finish filming a video, I’m like a kid waiting for ice cream. I’m the most impatient human being, so thank god my collaborators are quick and amazing. If I had to give you a tip it would be this. You can’t create art with people that you don’t admire or people of whom you don’t share the same craziness, similar passions and similar visions. So surround yourself with these people, work with them, be friends with them. Real art can be created when two or more people tell their stories together.

Watch this space because our latest video will be here sooner than you think.

Much Love,


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