Do you color-block?



olor Blocking is not a new trend and has been around for years now. From high street brands to the most luxury brands, color blocking made its appearance to every color, shape and combination you can possibly imagine. Because the possibilities are endless, and the process is very fun and creative.


If you follow me and my brand TOMMASO you already know my love for pastels this season and through this love I combined two of my favorite pastels colors to create my ultimate color block of summer’18.


astel purple, white tee and the most summery yellow shirt. And boom! There you have it. Lilac and yellow are such contrary colors but they somehow match so well. Match made in heaven. I loved that look so much. It was effortless and yet so well put together.

 Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

*Bonus: I think my new blond hair completed the whole look so good! See? I told you blond looks pretty good with everything.

Let me know in the comments section what’s your favorite color blocking combinations and your comments on this outfit. I’d love to hear!

Much Love,


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