Androgynous look: Are you man enough to pull it off?

 Lensed by Harris Kyprianou

For centuries men have been wearing dresses, skirts and jewellery had their ears and noses pierced and have been using make-up. Indian Maharajas were embellishing themselves with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings and anklets, Ancient Egyptian kings were putting kohl on their eyes and Roman Emperors were wearing skirts.

Male androgyny is nothing new and it’s mostly expressed in fashion.

Last year everyone was talking about the Acne Studios campaign where Acne’s creative director, Jonny Johansson’s 12-year-old son posed for the campaign wearing giant shades and teetering heels. Fashion is obsessed with male androgyny right now! Just take a look on the latest Europe’s Men’s Fashion Weeks. Androgyny is gaining traction with the top menswear designers out there. Turbans, crop tops, dresses, skirts. Menswear is going through a very creative phase and boys’ runway has never looked so girly.


Fashion mocks gender stereotyping by blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity.



Jean – Topman | Boots – H&M Studio 

Sunglasses – Sunday Somewhere

 exclusively via Fusion Retail Concept  


Of course we ‘ve seen it before: David Bowie’s multicolored body suits, Mick Jagger’s “man dress”, Michael Jackson’s gold bustier. But it wasn’t until the 2008 economic collapse that androgyny made a huge and very resounding comeback.

What’s the deal? Why is masculinity losing ground?

Women seem to become more and more powerful and are increasingly achieving higher levels of education and professional status than men,, the LGBT movement keeps gaining traction globally, America is on the edge of electing its first woman president (Americans are seriously crazy if “an orange, sexually-assaulting Godzilla who started a fake college is f*cking up the entire planet a year or so from now.” , the second most powerful person in the world is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany who is also named the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes for the sixth consecutive year. Femininity is globally having a stunning momentum and fashion reflects that.

Marc Jacobs has admitted to wearing dresses and has worn skirts with his hairy legs. Kanye West took the stage in a leather Givenchy skirt from the men’s Fall 2012. Jaden Smith can step out in a skirt like it’s no big deal and frequently shares photos of him wearing dresses and skirts on social media. Famous blogger Bryan Boy is toting purses and strutting around Paris in heels like a mo-fo. Androgyny is a major stylistic influence.
Now even though this in-your-face feminine style is having a major moment right now, not all men are overtly comfortable with such fashion. While edgy male androgynous style is wildly popular amongst entertainers, fashionistas and niche, high-end designers, is simply too gender bending for the run of the mill man. That’s how I decided to take on a new style mission for my latest photo-shoot: Gender defying it is…It’s time to wo-man up!

When trying to pull off an androgynous look you don’t need to introduce feminine pieces into your wardrobe like I did with this glittery feminine-esque top by – hATELOVE. You can keep it simple and casual (think longline tees and skinny jeans for example).

Light blue faded jeans paired with brown calfskin boots and of course the fedora hat –like it goes without saying but it’s so nice it should always be mentioned.

A fool-proof sophisticated way to dive into androgyny like a boss is to style your look with jewelry in fine metal like gold and silver. I went for silver chunky rings and a gold necklace.

Topping off my look with the ultimate gender neutral accessory: sunglasses! Introducing my brand new Sunday Somewhere gold lensed eye candies.

“Boys in the girl’s room. Girls in the men’s room. You free your mind in your androgyny.” – #ShirleyMansonRocks

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