All Velvet Everything

Lensed by Harris Kyprianou





 Jacket + Top+ Trouser – Zara Cyprus

Sneakers – Alexander Mcqueen 

 Sunglasses – Smoke X Mirrors 

exclusively via Fusion Retail Concept  

Mission: Dress to impress!
Fabric of choice: Velvet!
I don’t mean small velvet accessories like bow ties or socks (F**k No! For the love of velvet, please don’t don velvet socks! Ever!) I am talking about making velvet one of your key statement pieces. Velvet jackets, velvet overcoats, velvet suits, even velvet shoes. Go all for velvet! Believe in it! Wear it with confidence and stand out!

Even though velvet is by no means a new trend in men’s fashion, this season’s menswear has gotten bolder, investing in velvet like an Arab stockbroker investing in oil. It seems velvet has taken the reins and boys’ runways have never looked so sexually confident!


I had my first velvet experience when I was about ten and my grandmother saw it fit to get me a velvet jacket for Christmas (probably she thought that I should match her mid-century plushly texture fabric sofa). It was a rich blood red velvet jacket and even though it made me a target for my bully cousins (red attracts bullies I guess), to me it was the height of sophistication! It was like velvet was magically blocking out all the insulting noise I didn’t need to hear and all I could think of was: “Damn, I look good in this”. Now, in the wake of a belated reality check, I know I didn’t really look good in my red velvet jacket (In pictures from that Christmas I look like a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and that velvet is not a magical anti-bullying fabric. What velvet did was give me that kind of confidence that made bullies seem like jealous fans.t

Fast forward to the present and things are still the same, but different. I wear velvet blazers of the finest craftsmanship in dark hues and I still feel as confident as I felt in my old red velvet jacket.
 So here’s the challenge for this season: Face the world with confidence and opt for velvet!

For my latest photo-shoot, the visionary Harris Kyprianou had the idea to shoot in an abandoned house, where interestingly enough, electric power was on. The idea of shooting one of the most expensive and luxurious fabrics in a decayed “structure” was genius and the result is exactly what I was going for (Contrast is the principle that makes things stand out.)

For the upcoming winter months I am settling in to the chill donning sumptuous velvet. In velvet we trust!

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