The Classy Edition; the new updated version.

; a blog where everything is constantly being created, always changing, going back and forth, evolving. Where everything is being modelled and remodelled, just like Toumazo’s life.

This isn’t just another fashion and lifestyle blog. Things are getting real and raw with the new Classy Edition 365-day concept created and based on Toumazo’s living. Through this blog, you will get to experience the real editions of Toumazos life. All of them. Yes, fashion is a big part of Toumazos habitat, but it’s not everything. Yes, fashion is exciting, and fancy, and everything nice, but it’s not just that. It’s so much more. There are struggles and pressure. You will get a glimpse into how Toumazos transforms to Tommaso and vice versa, and what it takes to execute so many things with so much passion, spirit and emotion.

But, this blog is not just about work. It’s about being. It’s Toumazo’s journey in this thing called life. It’s the journey towards realisation. It is about making mistakes and learning from them. It is about how he deals with work, family, relationships and finding time for himself. And how all of these editions of life contribute to who he is and who he wishes to become.

Toumazos is being inspired by nothing and everything. He reads, he creates, he travels, he designs, he learns, he experiences, he goes out and drinks, he fights, he makes up, he apologizes, he forgives, he chooses to stay alone, he dreams, he falls, he stands, he becomes.