10 reasons to visit Mykonos and what you should know



i everybody. I am back from Mykonos physically, but to be honest mentally I am still there. Yesterday was my birthday which I celebrated to the maximum in Mykonos, and with a surprise gathering back home in Cyprus last night.

I’ve been MIA from the blog since I’ve been to Mykonos, but hey, I tried my best and now I am back more inspired and energetic than ever. Until I prepare Thursday’s blog post –probably a huge one- which will be the full story on my trip to Mykonos, here’s 10 reasons why I always choose the island for my summer holidays and things I think you should know before going.

My reasons to visit Mykonos, Greece:

  1. Partay: Mykonos is known as the island of partying. I can verify that. Even if you are not a party animal -I’m not either- Mykonos is the place where there is always a bar, a club or even a restaurant for all the music and partying types of people. Chilled drinks, house, techno or pop, greek songs (and tsifteteli obviously); anything that you consider a good night out, this island has it. Plus, it is impossible to go out in Mykonos and not get swept away by the fun energy of all the people dancing around you! So put on your party shoes.
  2. Sleep is for the weak: They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Well, those people never went to Mykonos. Can you shop in NY at 3-4 AM? I do not think so. Whereas in Mykonos you can shop anytime of the day up until 4 after midnight. You can literally find anything in Mykonos from early in the morning until early the next morning. Food, drink, shopping and anything your heart desires anytime of the day. For the not so morning people: Mykonos is your place in this world.
  3. Shopping: Since I’ve mentioned shopping above, let me just say that Mykonos doesn’t have anything to be jealous of from any shopping capital. Milan, Paris or New York? Mykonos has all the high luxury brands from Chanel, to Loui Vuitton and Gucci inside summer venues. Like literally, on beach venues. Like next to the sea. And inside blue and white buildings that scream Greece. Going to the beach? You can shop there. Going for a meal? You can still shop. Anytime, anywhere and literally everything. Plus you get to find exclusive luxury clothing and accessories by talented Greek designers. A shoppers paradise? Hell yeah.
  4. The Food: There’s not much to say here. Greek cuisine is famous worldwide and in Mykonos they took it to the next level. Toothsome, ambrosial, redolent, nectarous, sapid, aperitive, piquant, herbaceous – Okay I think I’ve used every complicated word regarding food I found on Google – No seriously, in Mykonos they took Greek cuisine which it’s amazing anyway, gave it to the world’s best chefs to twist it around and Voila! Apart from that though, there’s not an international cuisine that you won’t find in Mykonos.
  5. Sunsets & Sunrises: If you are a sucker for sunsets as I am, you will fell in love with Mykonos sunsets in the split of a second. They say that Santorini has the best sunsets in Greece, but that’s too romantic. Mykono’s sunsets are as beautiful and magical as in Santorini and you can actually watch them from the 99% of the island. Plus you get to do that dancing on tables at 7 AM. Hashtag GuiltyasCharged.
  6. The Locals: Greeks are the known as loud, energetic and fun people. Mykonian Greeks? OMG. They are the most live, open-hearted people that mastered the art of enjoying and loving life to the fullest. There is not a chance that you will go partying with a Mykonian and not have the time of your life.
  7. The Weather: I suppose there is no need to talk about the greek weather and how you can get the best tans in the Greek islands. What Mykonos differentiates from that though, is that even if it’s boiling hot, the wind doesn’t allow you to sweat you’re a** off –Excuse my French- Mykonos is the island of the winds afterall so it is actually perfect that you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and a little cooler evenings.
  8. The actual town streets: If you’ve been to Mykonos you know what I am talking about and if you haven’t im sure your feed every summer is full of white and blue cute building. Yep, that’s probably Mykonos.
  9. The atmosphere: You may say I’m oversaying things but seriously the atmosphere and vibe in Mykonos is incredibly special. It’s a combination of the beautiful settings, the smiling faces of people around, the music all around, the smell of amazing food, the cocktails; and for real, all of the above is a combination you can’t image. You can only feel it and believe you will not get enough.
  10. The diversity & the freedom: I’ve talked above about the locals, but in Mykonos there is not a skin color you won’t see and not a race from the whole world you won’t meet. People that differ in racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic background. People with different opinions, religious and political beliefs, different heritage, sexual orientations and life experiences. Mykonos is a home for all of them. Priscilla the other day said it better “They say Mykonos is the land of gay. I say Mykonos is the land of freedom.” And she was right. Everybody is welcomed in the island and everybody can be unapologetically theirselves. Everybody can be free. And that, will always be the number one reason that you should visit Mykonos. So that you can be free. If you are still looking for who you truly are, I suggest a visit to Mykonos. Because this island has the power to show you the best possible you, the you that you are when nobody is looking.



hope you all enjoyed my 10 reasons to visit Mykonos. If I had to give you 5 tips before visiting the island, they would be:

  1. Mykonos is the most expensive island and in general the most expensive area of Greece. Give yourself the opportunity to live the good life by let’s say for example, eating at the high priced restaurants once or twice depending on your budget, and then choose the less pricey options. There are a lot believe me (and there’s always souvlaki and crepes!). I’d say, start saving because summer 2019 is not that far!
  2. Stay away from the damn map and allow yourselves to get lost in white washed walls, secret alleys and cobbled walkways. That’s where you will find the best views.
  3. Do not plan anything and don’t stress over time and planning. Mykonos is on 24-hour service so get out of the hotel and don’t return until you feet hurt from dancing and your face hurts from laughing. That’s the only plan you will need.
  4. Try the exceptional restaurants of Mykonos, but if you are not from Greece, do not –I repeat – do not lose the chance to try traditional Greek food (both meat meze and fish meze). Greek traditional food is to die for.
  5. In Mykonos, every corner is insta-worthy so take the chance and take a picture in every single corner. And of course a hundred pictures with sunsets and sunrises. But after those pictures, put your phone in your pocket or bag or whatever-and live. Drink, sing, dance, meet people, socialize, let loose, experience every single thing around you because –Bible- those moments will never be recorded on a photograph or a video. They will be recorded in your soul and memory forever and they will bring an awkard smile to your face every time you recall them.

So? See you in summer of ’19 at Mykonos.

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